Khadi Cotton - 10/2 Yarn

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"Khadi" is a term used for Indian fabrics that are hand-spun and handwoven, usually from cotton fiber. The fabric is known for its rugged texture, comfortable feel and ability to keep people warm in winter while keeping them cool during the summer. "Khadi" owes its revival to Mahatma Gandhi. He was the one who saw its potential as a tool to being self-reliant, independent and bringing villages back to life. Gandhi made the Swadeshi Movement synonymous with "khadi." He promoted its simplicity as a social equalizer and made it the nation’s fabric:

"If we have the ‘khadi spirit’ in us, we would surround ourselves with simplicity in every walk of life. The ‘khadi spirit’ means illimitable patience. For those who know anything about the production of khadi know how patiently the spinners and the weavers have to toil at their trade, and even so must we have patience while we are spinning ‘the thread of Swaraj."

"The ‘khadi spirit’ means fellow-feeling with every human being on earth. It means a complete renunciation of everything that is likely to harm our fellow creatures, and if we but cultivate that spirit amongst the millions of our countrymen, what a land this India of ours would be! And the more I move about the country and the more I see the things for myself, the richer, the stronger is my faith growing in the capacity of the spinning wheel."

This Khadi Cotton 10/2 is finer than the 0/2 Khadi Cotton. It is suitable for knitting, crocheting, weaving and plying projects. It is also great for natural and chemical dying.

Price varies by weight. 100g is approximately 415m in length.