1.2mm Wool Felt - Off Cut Packs

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These off-cut packs are great for small craft projects, crafting with kids and Steiner/Waldorf-inspired craft. The felt is 100% Wool Felt, ultra high quality and 1.2mm thick. It is commercially produced in the UK.

Each off-cut pack weighs approximately 60g contains the following:

* 1 piece approximately 28cm x 18cm

* 2 pieces approximately 24cm x 20cm

* 4 odd sizes (smaller than those listed above)

* at least 4 colours from our selection of solid colours and melange colours

The photos are a representation of what you will receive. Each pack is different. As these are off-cuts, the sizes of the pieces included are approximate and may not be cut straight. There may be more than one piece of the same colour in each pack. We have done our best to ensure each pack is similar in size, weight and colour. Price is for one off-cut pack.