12 Days of Summer Fibre Package (2023)

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Here's the list of breeds for each day. Don't click the day until you are ready to find out which breed is in each day's bag!

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Treat yourself - or the fibre lover in your life - to a fun collection of fibres to spin, felt or embellish any fibre arts project with the 12 Days of Summer Fibre Package!

This year, we are once again offering our popular "pseudo Advent Calendar" Fibre Package. This year's theme is "Micron Countdown"! The 12 Days of Summer Fibre Package will be a wonderful fibre study in a range of sheep breeds, counting down in micron from the mid-40s to the mid-20s. The wool will all be natural in colour and will include white, black, brown and grey. This is a fabulous way to learn about different breeds and to try your hand at spinning, felting and/or dyeing them.

Each parcel will include natural undyed wool top from 12 different sheep breeds in numbered bags. You can open up one every other day between 1 December and Christmas or one each day in the 12 days following Christmas...or open them all at once! This also makes a fantastic holiday gift for any fibre lover during the holiday season.

This year, we have two size options on offer:

1) "Hobby Farm" ($82) - this option is for 50g bundles of each of the 12 breeds.

2) "Sheep Station" ($158) - this option is for 100g bundles of each of the 12 breeds.

Both options include:

  • All fibre will be individually packaged, numbered and labeled (so you know what the fibre is!) - just like a mini Advent Calendar!
  • Information about each breeds.
  • A small gift will also be included
  • All of the fibre will be suitable for spinning and felting. Please note: this collection does not contain any yarn.

The 12 Days of Summer Package ships free to Australian addresses only - International orders are accepted but will incur a shipping cost (this will be charged separately, please contact us for details). Orders for all 12 Days of Summer Packages must be received by 9 October. They will ship by 15 November to ensure they arrive by 1 December.