2020 Fibre Advent Calendar

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Introducing the Fibre Arts Shed 2020 Fibre Advent Calendar! Treat yourself - or the fibre lover in your life - to a fun collection of fibres to spin, felt or embellish any fibre arts project!

This Advent Calendar includes 24 days of 25g of fibre plus a special 100g fibre blend available only in the Advent Calendar to be opened on Christmas morning! All fibre will be individually packaged and numbered - just like a regular Advent Calendar! A few extra small gifts are also included. Fibres in the Advent Calendar will include luxury fibres, locally traceable fibres processed by us, plant-based fibres, fibres from rare sheep breeds and fun embellishments. Most will be natural in colour, with a few fun colourful fibres thrown in. Packaged in 100% recyclable and/or compostable materials, this Advent Calendar is a fun sampler pack of some of the best fibres from our collection. Please note: this collection does not contain any yarn. All of the fibres are natural (a.k.a. - non-human made - although they may be dyed).

The Advent Calendar ships free (Australian addresses only) and must be pre-ordered by 15 September. (We will refund the shipping costs.) The Advent Calendars will ship by 15 November to ensure they arrive by 1 December.