2021 Fibre Advent Calendar

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Treat yourself - or the fibre lover in your life - to a fun collection of fibres to spin, felt or embellish any fibre arts project with the 2021 Fibre Arts Shed Advent Calendar!

This year, we have two options on offer:

1) 100% natural fibres (i.e., undyed, non-humanmade). This option is similar to the 2020 Fibre Arts Shed Advent Calendar, but will include different fibres.

2) Colour!! This option will include dyed fibres and fibre blends, including humanmade fibres. This option will also include fibres used for embellishing and/or blending.

Both options will include:

  • 24 days of 25g of fibre
  • Plus a special 50g fibre blend to be opened on Christmas morning
  • All fibre will be individually packaged and numbered - just like a regular Advent Calendar!
  • A range of animal and plant fibres, including some that are fully-traceable and processed by us
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable and/or compostable materials
  • A couple of extra small gifts are also included
  • Please note: this collection does not contain any yarn.

The Advent Calendar ships free to Australian addresses only - International orders are accepted but will incur a shipping cost (this will be charged separately, please contact us for details). Orders for all Advent Calendars must be received by 25 September. The Advent Calendars will ship by 15 November to ensure they arrive by 1 December.