Ashford Caterpillar Cotton Yarn

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Add colour, texture and interest to your projects with Ashford's Caterpillar Cotton.

100% cotton variegated dyed yarn with a beautiful crimpy, spiral plied texture. 

Lovely and light weight - perfect for weaving, knitting and crochet - so soft and great to work with. Voluminous but not heavy with twice the bulk for the weight of the yarn.

Six variegated colourways: Inferno, Citrus, Paua, Ocean, Cookies n Cream and Berries.

Use alone or in combination with any of our solid colour cottons. Refer to the Colour Palette to see the co-ordinating solid colours used to create the variegated colourways.

Creates a woven fabric that is so light and soft, lovely to wear against the skin.

200gm cones. 680m/743yds

Needle size 3-4, hook size 3.5-4.5, weaving sett 7.5-10 (lower sett of 5-8 recommended to showcase the yarn structure).