Multi-colour Border Leicester X Fleece - "Storm" 2017

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This beautiful multi-colour Border Leicester X fleece is from a sheep named "Storm" who lives on a farm in Wollondilly Shire, NSW. This fleece is from the 2017 shearing. Photos show average staple length. The fleece has not been micron tested but is estimated to be 20-25mic. The fleece has a huge variation in natural colours from creamy white through cafe au lait to deep chocolate brown. It is well skirted and free of most VM. Total fleece weighs 2.55kg. The price is for the full fleece.

All of the raw fleeces we stock are skirted, although they will contain some VM (vegetable matter). Wool fleeces are greasy and alpaca fleeces will be dirty/dusty. Please contact us if you'd like us to process your fleece in to roving or batts.