Creamy White Alpaca Roving from George (Hunter Valley NSW)

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This batch of FAST Fibre is beautiful alpaca fibre from George, a huacaya alpaca from Pokolbin NSW (Hunter Valley). The fleeces used in this roving are from a couple of different years' shearings. George's fleeces have been micron tested, with results ranging from 18.3mic to 23.2mic. The roving is incredibly soft and a beautiful creamy colour. Please note that this roving does have small bits of grass (VM) in it. If you have ever worked with alpaca fibre, you will know that the fleeces are notorious for being incredibly dusty. We have done our best to get out all the dust and grass, but some bits do still remain in this rovoing.

FAST (Fibre Arts Shed Traceable) Fibre for Slow Craft is our initiative to make available to our customers locally grown and traceable wool and alpaca fibres. Sourced and processed by us in small batch runs at the Fibre Arts Shed on the NSW Central Coast, each collection will include as much information about the origin and breed of the fibres as we can. We are offering these fibres as carded roving in 200g lots. The fibre has been through a thorough washing process but may still contain a small amount of VM (vegetable matter, i.e., grass).

To support our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, we will donate $5 from the sale of every 200g lot of FAST Fibre to the Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre, which plays a vital role in our community. Yerin has been providing primary health care to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community on the Central Coast for the last 25 years.