Eri Silk Tops (White)

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Eri Silk is also known as Endi or Errandi Silk (Ahimsa Silk), is a multivoltile silk spun from open ended cocoons, unlike other varieties of silk. Eri is a product of domesticated silk worm.

Eri is called as Ahimsa ("Non Violence Silk" or "Peace Silk") yarn, because of the moth/worm inside the cocoon is not killed in the process of making the silk yarn. Before Eri cocoons go for processing, the moth/worm cuts its way out of the cocoon. As a result, this yarn is highly in demand in International market. In India, this kind of cocoons and yarns are found in North-eastern part of India, like Aasam, Bihar, Orissa.

Eri silk is naturally white in color and has a very soft texture. It is widely used in knitting and weaving process for making high end garments.

These pure Eri Silk tops are made using the best-quality fibre as per international standards. It is supreme quality and smooth texture. It is has a beautiful lustre, is durable and purely white in colour.