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These needles are much stronger than other brands and will NOT break as easily if used correctly.

Needle description: 40 gauge / 3x3x3 barbs / 3 inch / fast
Use Brown for medium wools, such as Corriedale and Halfbred, and other fibres of similar diameter such as human hair and Hemp, and for fast, early-stage felting of fine wools such as Polworth and Merino, and other fibres of similar diameter such as Alpaca, Silk, and fine manmade fibres such as rayon, Soy silk, and Ingeo if they are being used for the bulk of the project or surface irregularity is not an issue.
This needle is not recommended for attaching fine embellishing fibres.

Pick Brown

  • for sculpturing prominent depressions when Lime is too coarse and for sculptural projects when forming nostrils and eye sockets with a jiggling action. For similar but softer action change to Cream.
  • for preparing and positioning medium wool fibres prior to wet felting in a similar manner to recommendations for the Green needle and coarse fibres.
  • for quickly adding rough surface textures and embellishments in medium and fine wool projects, but is more inclined to leave a pitted surface than other 40 gauge needles.

Needle description: 40 gauge / 2x2x2 barbs / 3.5 inch / Merino

Use Cream for early and firming stages of felting for fine wools or for fast deep action with easy penetration on medium wool. The cream needle works particularly well for Merino when other needles seem to not grip the fibre. This needle tends to bend easily.

Needle description: 40 gauge / 2x2x2 barbs / 3.5 inch
Use Yellow for coarse or medium wool projects and as a finishing needle for coarse wools such as Romney, Leicester and Lincoln and fibres of similar diameter. Leaves less pronounced puncture marks than Brown. Close barb spacing like Orange but works over a greater depth.

Pick Yellow

  • for attaching embellishment fibres and creating patterns on balls and eggs prior to wet felting.
  • for firming of medium wool.

Needle description: 40 gauge / 3x3x0 barbs / 3 inch

Use Gold for firming and finishing of fine wools such as Merino and Polworth, and fibres of similar diameter such as Angora, Alpaca, Silk, and manmade fibres such as Rayon, Soy silk and Ingeo.

Pick Gold

  • for thickening areas in flat felt with a gentle horizontal action to ease more fibres into a thin area.
  • for firming, sculpturing and finishing 3-dimensional projects.
  • to secure fibres wrapped around wire or pipe cleaner.

Needle description: 40 gauge / 2x2x2 barbs / 3 inch
Use Orange as a finishing needle for all fibres, but particularly medium to fine wools.

Pick Orange

  • for forming a denser surface skin in 3-dimensional projects, for securing a surface veneer, and for minimizing puncture marks on the finished surface of both flat and 3-dimensional projects.
  • for attaching fine and delicate embellishing fibres to any project. It causes the least amount of distortion in the embellishing fibres, and minimizes puncture marks. Use with a gentle stabbing action, which only penetrates to a shallow depth.
  • to attach and secure wool in a loose way without making the wool look felted as in wool pictures.
  • to secure fibres wrapped around wire or pipe cleaner.

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