Felting Needles - Special

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These needles are much stronger than other brands and will NOT break as easily if used correctly. 

Needle description: 32 gauge / 8x0x0 barbs / 3 inch

Use Blue for coarse and medium fibre. This needle has all eight barbs on one side in very close barb spacing, concentrated on one edge. This needle is particularly prone to breaking if side pressure is applied.

Pick Blue

  • for forming eye sockets.
  • for splicing two pieces of felt together.
  • to move wool sideways holding the needle parallel to the surface.
  • for splicing yarn.
  • for adding coarse and medium fibre.
  • for rooting hair on a plastic (vinyl) doll's head.

Needle description: 40 gauge / 6x0x0 barbs / 3 inch

Use Aqua for fine wools. This needle is a finer version of Blue.

Pick Aqua

  • for finishing touches.
  • to move wool sideways.
  • for attaching pre-felted embellishments.
  • for adding fine fibres.

The price is per needle.