Fibre Study Mix Pack - Natural Sheep Tops (1kg)

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This natural sheep top fibre study mix pack includes 25 grams of 40 different natural sheep fibres. The natural colours include white, grey, brown and black. The fibres included are a variety of micron. This pack is perfect for trying out new fibres for spinning or felting.

The fibres in this pack are:

White 18.5 mic Merino
White Ramboulliet
White Cheviot
Light Natural Corriedale
White Corriedale
White Dorset Horn
White Blue Faced Leicester
Brown Finnish
Light Grey Herdwick
Dark Grey Icelandic
White Icelandic
Brown Icelandic

White Jacob
Black Jacob
White Devon
Brown Blue Faced Leicester
White Massam (Masham)
Grey Merino
White Merino (23 mic)
White Merino Optim
Brown Moorit Shetland

Brown Manx Loaghtan
White South American
White Teeswater

White Perendale

White Polwarth

White Charollais
White Falkland
White Radnor
Grey Shetland
White Eider

White Shropshire
White Southdown
Grey Massam

White Gotland

White Wensleydale
Whitefaced Woodland
White Welsh
Black Welsh
Black Zwartbles

The price is per 1 kilogram pack. The photo is a representative of some of the fibres included in this pack.