Nettle - Handspun Yarn (7/2)

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Although we normally try to avoid the stinging nettle plant, several species of the nettle family (Urticaceae) produce bast fibres similar to flax, and many of those species have been used to produce fibre for making textiles and clothing for thousands of years. The three main fibre producing species are European nettle, Ramie and Himalayan nettle. European nettle is difficult to grow commercially. Ramie, on the other hand, produces a fine fibre that is produced commercially in China and Japan. Himalayan nettle is a large nettle grown mainly in the Himalayan region. In all these species, the fibre comes from the stem and, incidentally, there is no sting left in the extracted fibre.

Our Nettle Handspun is tough and highly textured. It is a single-ply yarn in a natural taupe colour that suitable for weaving, knitting or crocheting.

The price varies by weight.