Rug Warp - off-cuts/remnants

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A popular backing for punch needle rug hooking, this 100% cotton rug warp is a fantastic foundation fabric for rug making. It is suitable for use with all sizes of Oxford Punch Needles and is also great for traditional rug hooking and for use with a rug tufting gun. It is a heavier fabric than monks cloth.

These bundles contain off-cuts and remnants. Approximate size and weights given below. These smaller sizes are great for small cushions, small bags, and for trying out new techniques and fibres.

Bundle #1: 4 pieces - approx 48cm x 35cm, 40cm x 24cm, 70cm x 12cm, 43cm x 20cm; 215g

Bundle #2: 4 pieces - approx 45cm x 22cm, 34cm x 43cm, 73cm x 12cm, 35cm x 45cm; 240g

Bundle #3: 4 pieces - approx 47cm x 23cm, 44cm x 23cm, 40cm x 34cm, 45cm x 35cm; 245g

Bundle #4: 3 pieces - approx 45cm x 35cm, 53cm x 20cm, 70cm x 34cm; 245g