2021 Holiday Shopping Information

💥💥Important Information 💥💥

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we need to share with you some important information about shipping cut off dates and shop closure dates. Friday 3 December is the last day to place an order and have it shipped before Christmas. If you live on the NSW Central Coast or will be passing through along the M1 or are planning a holiday on the Central Coast, we will remain open for local pick up or shopping in person (by appointment) up until 22 December. Please note - we won't be available every day, so please give us as much notice as possible if you want to drop by. Then we will be closed until 6 January, when we will start shipping orders again. We will still be accepting fleeces for processing, replying to emails and we will be shipping out fleeces that we have processed as we finish them.

This early cut off day for shipping is due to a few factors - we are concerned about Australia Post delays. Second, after the year we've had, we really need a break. And third, Clare's parents have just been granted a travel exemption and will be flying in at the start of December and will be spending the holidays with us ❤️

Any questions, just let us know. Happy crafting!


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