Fibre Processing

Fibre Arts Shed's No-Nonsense Guide to our Fibre Processing Services

Our Process

  • We weigh all fibre upon arrival. This is the weight we use to calculate the cost to you.
    • In other words, the fibre is weighed dirty - grease, grass, dust, dirt, burrs, poo and all. The less of that you have in your wool, the less it will weigh and the less you will pay.
  • We expect that the fibre will arrive already skirted.
  • We do understand that most of these fleeces come from animals that live in paddocks that are dry and full of grass, burrs, sticks, thorns, etc.
    • We will get as much of this vegetable matter (“VM”) out of the fibre during processing, however, the cleaner the fibre is when it arrives, the cleaner it will be when it goes in to the machinery and the cleaner it will be when it comes out.
  • Unless the animals wore coats, you can realistically expect that there will be small amounts of VM in the final product you receive.
  • There is no minimum weight - we will accept any amount of fibre.

We also accept coloured fibres (natural colours and dyed fibres as well).

What you can expect:

  • As with all fibre processing, you can expect to lose up to 20% of the weight in the processing.
  • We card fibre into roving or batts. You can decide how you'd like your fibre processed.
    • Rovings will be run into a bag in a continuous length (as much as possible).
    • Each batt is approximately 200-250g (larger or smaller batts can be produced upon request).These batts are usually 1.8m long and .5m wide (the width is subject to change).
  • As part of the process, we may find that the fibre is suitable for washing/scouring and picking but not carding. If this is the case, we will contact you and you will be charged accordingly (i.e. you will only pay for the washing and picking, as per our prices below)
  • All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. We will inform you of the return shipping price prior to posting the fibre to you.
    • If you live in the area, will be passing through or will be attending one of the shows/markets on our schedule, we can make arrangements with you to deliver the fibre to you in person (no delivery charges).
  • We maintain the right to refuse  to process any fibre (this could be due to the quality of the fibre, the cleanliness - or lack thereof - of the fibre, the micron, etc).
  • If we are unable to process the fibre, we will return the fibre to the customer at your expense.

We are at the mercy of our machinery** If the fibre is unsuitable for our equipment (too dirty, too fine, etc), we will not be able to process it. We might not be able to determine this until we receive the fibre and inspect it first hand. If you have concerns that your fibre might not be suitable for our equipment, we suggest you send us a small sample so that we can make that determination.

Fibres we accept:

  • Wool: Any wool greater than 17 micron (note: we can wash/scour and pick [but not card] finer wool - please contact us for details)
  • Alpaca: Huacaya (wash/pick/card) and Suri (wash and pick only)
  • Other fibres: mohair, etc - upon application. Contact us for more details.

Price List

Services we provide (prices as of June 2020, prices subject to change):

Washing/Scouring, Picking and Carding


You will end up with either bags of

roving or 200g-250g batts

Washing/Scouring and Picking (ONLY)


You will end up with a bag(s) of clean, picked fibre

Washing/Scouring ONLY


Dependent upon the type of fibre

Effective 8 October 2019: 50% of the total processing fee must be paid prior to us starting to work on your fibre.

** If your fibre is too dirty or greasy to put through our machinery, we can hand flick/card the fibre. We will contact you if this is the case and will inform you of the cost. The cost will vary depending on how dirty the fibre is. Prices start at $20/kg.

We can also blend your fibre with other fibres. For example, very fine wool could be blended with a coarser wool or alpaca fibre, which then would be suitable for our machinery. Please contact us for more information.

We endeavour to process fibre as soon as we are able. However, the fibre processing part of our business is secondary to the retail side. It also depends on how busy we are. We are a two-person team - and one of us works full-time outside of the business. During the cooler months (the time of year when it takes much longer for wet fibre to dry), we often have markets 2-4 weekends a month. We also have two children with busy schedules. We will keep you informed of an approximate time frame for your fibre. If you require your fibre to be processed quickly, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please get in touch. We are excited about fibre processing and would love to be a part of your creative fibre journey.