JUL Designs Shawl Sticks - Salt Spoon

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Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

Blackened White Brass; Satin finish

Total length - 4.5 inches

Spoon bowl width - 3/8 inch

Spoon bowl height - .5 inches

Total weight - .1 ounces

The Salt Spoon Shawl Stick is a minimalist form of exceptional function. The beauty of this simple shawl stick is the sheer quantity of styling real estate it has the capacity to control.  What other styling tool controls a full four inches of knitwear with one simple tool?  In this version, the designer has blackened the Salt Spoon, letting it rest in the solution without turning it, which creates a lozenge of lighter metal on the back of the spoon bowl that evokes an eye. What makes this blurry eye exciting is how it modifies the look of the shawl stick when the convex side of the spoon bowl is oriented out, giving it an added and unexpected aesthetic interest.

The trick with shawl sticks is to thread them in and out of the knitwear so that the wiggles we design into these tools can do their job - of grabbing onto the fabric and holding your styling in place through tension and friction.  

The Salt Spoon Stick is not only pure elegance and simplicity, it's a cheeky visual and actual bit of fun because it works not only to control your knitwear. It works beautifully for salt as well. 

(Australian $1 coin in images for size reference.)