Julia Inglis "Sacred Familiar" Workshop Materials Pack

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** As of 7 June 2024 batts are unavailable until further notice **

This listing is for a materials pack for participants in Julia Inglis's "Sacred Familiar" Workshop. The pack is not required for the workshop, but these items are the materials Julia recommends (we do not stock the cotton pipe cleaners). If you would like to select your own colours/fibres, please feel free to purchase them separately from our shop. You can also add this pack to your cart and then visit the other products in our online shop to add to your order.

**Please note that these materials packs are created to order and can take 7-10 days to assemble and ship**

Each pack includes:

1 x 100g scrappy batt (multi-colour dyed Merino, random colours)

1 x 100g natural scrappy batt (random mix of naturally coloured wool fibres)

300g core wool

1 x felting foam

10 x felting needles

2 x 50g natural shades of Corriedale tops

4 x 100g of dyed Merino tops (in 4 different, coordinated solid colours, specific colours subject to availability):

Bold Colours: jewel tones like Raspberry, Cerulean, Chartreuse and Violet

Muted Colours: pastel tones like Candy Floss, Lavender, Catkin, Seal

Warm Colours: reds, oranges, yellows and browns

Cool Colours: greens, blues, purples and greys

Select your colour pallette from the drop down menu. Please note, depending on product availability, it may take 10 days for your order to ship.