Kid Mohair Tops

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Mohair is considered to be a luxury fibre. The Angora goat produces a long, lustrous, springy coat and the fibre has very few scales. The animal ranges from kid, through to a young goat, to adult, with fineness decreasing with age. The biggest source of Mohair was Turkey, until the 19th century when South Africa took over as the main producer. Substantial flocks are also kept in the USA, namely Texas and California with the USA now being the largest producer.

South African mohair is still considered to be the best quality, lustre and colour and commands a slightly higher price. The coat is shorn from the animal in the same way as wool. The animals are shorn twice a year, as with sheep. Due to its lustrous nature, it produces very attractive fabrics, either used 100% or in blends with wool, although high percentages tend to make articles feel very cool or even cold to the first touch.