Moorit - Autumn/Winter 2022 (Issue 3)

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In Issue 3 of Moorit Magazine, you are taken on an interstellar mission to discover 10 celestial crochet designs for autumn and winter in the 'Cosmic' issue. We are **over the moon** that this issue features designs by two Australian designers - Abbeymade and Deanne Ramsay (Addydae Designs) - and yarn by Sydney-based dyer Jokamamo Textiles!

The designers went starry-eyed as they looked upwards for inspiration. The designs explore a variety of astronomical phenomena from binary star systems and gaseous nebulae to the invisible movements of heavenly bodies. You'll find elegant textures and colours that reflect the awesome and sublime beauty of the cosmos. 

In this issue, Fay Dashper-Hughes runs an experiment, exploring how using yarn unders can radically change the look and feel of crocheted fabric compared to the traditional yarn overs. 

With designs by... Abbeymade, Alyson Chu, Más Que Crochet Escuela, Deanne Ramsay, Helda Panagary, Jaelithe Virgin-Downey, Liv Steatham, Lori Harrison, Sandra Gutierrez, Sofia Botelho

Using yarn from... Adventures in Yarn, Barker Wool, CaMaRose, The Birlinn Yarn Company, Eden Cottage Yarns, Feliz y Punto, Ginger Twist Studio, Jokamamo Textiles, Malabrigo, Townhouse Yarns, The Wool Kitchen

And other contributions from... Fay Dashper-Hughes, Isabella Strambio, John and Kelsi

Your purchase includes a beautiful hard copy of the magazine (136 pages), plus a download code for a digital copy of the magazine. The digital version of the magazine includes two different accessible additions: an Easy to Read edition and a Read Aloud edition.