Recycled Handspun Sari Silk Yarn - Solid Colours

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This handspun yarn is made from 100% recycled/upcycled sari silk. This yarn is perfect for special knitting, crocheting or weaving projects, embellishment in felting or for any other creative craft project. Available in solid colours, this yarn is similar in weight/thickness to the Recycled Multicolour Handspun Sari Silk Yarn that we stock.

Due to the recycled/upcycled nature of this product, the colour in each skein may not be uniform throughout the skein or from one skein to another in the same colour family. When there is a significant variation in colour within a skein, we have listed it as a separate colour. Please note that due to the nature of dyed sari silk fibres, the colours may bleed a bit when wet.

The price varies by weight.