Angora Tops - White

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Our Angora is sourced from Europe and is super soft with a wonderful matte texture.

Angora is considered to be a luxury fibre. The hair of the Angora rabbit is white or coloured, also long and soft, with the rabbits being kept commercially for their fur fibre. Again, the fibre consists of short fine hairs and long spiky hairs. However, in this case the long spiky hairs are considered to be an advantage and produce pleasing effects in yarns and other articles. With the longer hair having a little lustre and taking dye a little differently to the fine hair also adds to the effect. The hair is combed and clipped every three months and then graded. The clean, long, best grade commands the highest price. White fibre is considered to be the most desirable.

This fibre is luxurious being whiter than any other natural fibre. Care of this fibre is an issue, as it is known to be the most effective fibre for felting and readily felts with little effort. Therefore, if it is not cared for correctly it may result in felted garments. 

Bulk orders of 1kg bumps will be shipped approximately 10-14 days from the date of purchase (subject to availability from our supplier). Please contact us for more details.