"Yarn Over" Reclaimed Fibre Light Aran/10-ply Yarn

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50% reclaimed dyed mill fibre + 50% "new wool" - Cream Cheviot. We call this range our "Yarn Over" Yarn because we are using some of the fibre over again!

Did you know that it is normal to experience a loss of 40% of weight for most yarns from fleece to final product? Some of that weight is lanolin and dirt but a lot of it is just fibre that falls/flies off the machinery during the yarn making process. Normally, this fibre is bagged up and disposed of. But we have reclaimed some of this fibre and blended it with a "new wool" to produce this lofty Aran/10-ply weight woolen spun yarn.

This yarn is a 2-ply construction, approximately 200m/95g-100g. This is an artisan yarn and has texture and the occasional thicker or thinner sections.

Please note: we have tried our best to accurately photograph the colours of this yarn. However, colours may look different on your screen than they do in person.