"Yarn Over" Reclaimed Fibre Worsted Weight/10-ply Yarn (single colour)

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50% reclaimed mill fibre + 50% "new wool" - NSW-grown English Leicester (from our friends at Bellevue Park Wool). We call this range our "Yarn Over" Yarn because we are using some of the fibre over again! This batch is extra special because we sorted the dyed mill waste by colour to get two lovely colourways - blue and pink!

Did you know that it is normal to experience a loss of 40% of weight for most yarns from fleece to final product? Some of that weight is lanolin and dirt but a lot of it is just fibre that falls/flies off the machinery during the yarn making process. Normally, this fibre is bagged up and disposed of. But we have reclaimed some of this fibre and blended it with a "new wool" grown right here in NSW to produce this lovely Worsted Weight (10ply) woolen spun yarn.

This yarn is a 2-ply construction, 200m (approximately 90g). This is a woolen-spun yarn and has texture and the occasional thicker or thinner sections. Due to the nature of this product, the colour is not solid and flecks of other colours may appear in the skein.

Please note: we have tried our best to accurately photograph the colours of this yarn. However, colours may look different on your screen than they do in person. The pink is "pinker" than it shows in the photos.